How to choose the best dress color according to skin tone?

1.Fair skin
Such skin color girls clothing color choice is wide, can wear pink, pink green and other light series of clothing, will look extra youthful; big red, dark gray and other dark series, will make the skin look more white. If the skin tone is too white, or greenish, it is not advisable to wear cold tones, otherwise it will look pale.
2.Wheat skin color
The strong contrast between black and white is very suitable for this type of skin tone. Dark blue, charcoal gray and other sunken solid colors, as well as deep red, emerald green these colors can also be very good to highlight the cheerful personality. Not suitable to wear teal green, dark green, because the contrast with the skin tone is too big.
3.Dark skin
People with dark skin, it is appropriate to wear pure black clothes. You can also choose three colors as a tonal color, namely: white, gray and black. You can choose light brown as the main color. In addition, do not wear large areas of dark blue, crimson and other idle gray color, which will make people look gray head.

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