How to dry hoodies without using a dryer

1. If the hoodie has a zipper, zipper it up so the hoodie will dry evenly and no wrinkles or creases will form.

2. On a flat table, lay the hoodie flat on a dry towel. Place a clean dry towel on a flat surface and place the arms of the hoodie on its sides so they are straight.

3. Place your hands on it and press straight down to squeeze out as much water as possible. Do not twist or wring out the hoodie as this will stretch the fibers and cause wrinkles to appear.

4. Re-change to another dry towel to roll the hoodie up from the bottom and squeeze it. Make it squeeze out more moisture and dry more quickly.

5. Unroll the hoodie from the towel and lay it flat on the drying rack, making sure the arms are straight and there are no creases in the hoodie. If wrinkles appear, use a shake-off method to flatten them.

6. Allow the hoodie to air dry for 8-10 hours.

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