How to Identifying Good Clothes Material

1. Look for high content of natural fibers.
High-quality clothes are usually made of natural fibers. This is because natural fibers are not only more expensive, but also less prone to deformation. High quality clothes are usually made of wool, cotton, etc. However, a high natural fiber content does not necessarily mean that the clothes will be of high quality. Specifically also look at the construction of the garment to make sure it is soft and that the thread work is safe.
2. Avoid using synthetic materials.
While synthetics are cheaper and more durable than natural fibers, they are low quality. Manufacturers are concerned with cost rather than quality. Polyester fabrics are particularly cheap and likely to be poorly manufactured.
Therefore it needs to be checked carefully.
3.Observe what material the buttons and zippers are made of. You can tell the quality of a garment by the material of the accessories. We need to look for sturdy buttons and other accessories, no matter what kind of material they .

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