How to pick the right pants for you?

一, measure the size before buying: first of all, make clear the 5 data of the pants: waist circumference, hip circumference, front wave, thigh circumference and trouser length, and compare the size data given by the merchant. Then use a soft ruler to measure your own figure data, usually only the waist, hip and thigh circumference can be measured.
二,choose the right pants, followed by the details of the pants design should also pay attention to
1,look at the pocket: the pocket size is moderate, located in the middle of the hip, can better create a small buttocks. Wide crotch sisters should also pay attention to, do not choose the two sides of the pocket spacing too large pants, will lateral elongation of the crotch, more show big.
2,Look at the suture: look carefully at the stitching of some pants, if it is this V-shaped car stitching, then the role of hip modification will be better. Be sure not to choose pants that are too tight, or they will squeeze out the flesh of the stomach, tight and fat.
High-waisted pants are the most worthy of a choice, whether it is a small or tall girls, wear can be very high and long legs.

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