How to use food coloring to dye clothes

1. To make the color last, choose wool fabric, cotton fabric is good for dyeing.

2. Lay out old newspapers, and old clothes to prevent the table as well as the floor from being contaminated. It would help if you also had a large plastic bowl, white vinegar, water, and various food coloring agents.

3. Put the clothes in the bowl first, then add enough equal parts of water and white vinegar to thoroughly saturate them.

4. After soaking, pour out the water/vinegar mixture and gently wring out the clothes. Then add the right amount of water and about 12 drops of food coloring depending on the weight of the clothes. Mix the water and dye in a large bowl and put the wrung-out clothes into the new mixture.

5. Let your clothes sit in the water and dye mixture for about 15 minutes. Use a heavy object to press the fabric into the water, ensuring it is completely submerged, stirring every few minutes to allow the dye to incorporate all the material.

6. Fish out the clothes, dry them off, and place each piece in its resealable bag for 8+ hours. It will make the clothes more vibrant and long-lasting in color.

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