How to wash a hoodie

1. First check the label to see if the clothes are machine washable. Most cotton blend or cotton hoodies are machine washable. If your hoodie is made of wool, taking it to the dry cleaners is the best option.

2. Secondly, turn the hoodie inside out. Zipper it up anywhere so that washing the hoodie not only cleans the material inside, but also protects the outside surface of the hoodie.

3. Wash similar color hoodies together to prevent color transfer. Do not wash the hoodie with a towel to prevent the lint on the towel from sticking to the hoodie.

4. Use cold water and a mild detergent when washing the hoodie last. This helps the hoodie to keep its appearance for a long time. Mild detergent is gentle on the material, while cold water helps to keep its shape. It is forbidden to use hot water to wash hoodies, the material will shrink.

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