What should I do if my clothes lose color and fade?

1. Check the care label on the clothing to confirm that the dress is a dyeable fabric.

2. Choose a dye as close to the original color as possible to show the most natural effect. If you want your clothes to look new, going to a fabric store and choosing dyes will be the best option.

3. Use a garbage bag or a cloth that can no longer be used to cover your dye area so that splashes of dye, will not stain your table and the floor. Then put on old clothes and thick gloves so your clothes and skin don't get dirty.

4. Fill a container with hot water at about 60°C.

5. Dissolve the dye and salt in a small cup of water, then add them to the container.

6. Add the clothes and soak them for about 50 minutes, stirring constantly.

7. After that, remove the clothes from the dye and rinse them thoroughly with cold water.

8. Put the clothes into the washing machine, add laundry detergent and wash normally.

9. Dry the clothes to see the final color.

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