Interpretation of the trend of men's shorts in 2024

Interpretation of the trend of men's shorts in 2024

As a must-have item in summer, the trend of men's shorts is constantly evolving every year. From the trend trends of previous years to the latest trends of this year, let's explore the popular elements, color matching, and the latest trends of men's shorts in 2024.

Review of trends over the years

In the past few years, the design style of men's shorts has undergone many changes. From tight sports styles to loose casual styles, each style reflects the popular trends of the times and the preferences of consumers.

Especially in recent years, the rise of the retro trend has made high waist, loose, and natural become the mainstream.

In general, the trend has been moving to fuller cuts with more room, more drape, and more fabric, whether that's at a short length that hits you at the top of the knee, at the knee, above the knee, or at the thigh—that's really up to you.

Popular elements in 2024

This year, the design of men's shorts still focuses on comfort and fashion. The main popular elements include:

·Loose cut: Loose design style continues to prevail, providing more comfort and room for activities.

·Practical details: The design of shorts includes practical elements such as many pockets, adjustable belts, and durable materials suitable for outdoor activities.

·High waist design: High waist shorts are back, emphasizing the waistline and showing more elegant lines.

·Natural color: such as khaki, dark blue, and light gray, natural and practical.

Men's quick-dry shorts with side pockets

LEEHANTON's hot-selling men's shorts this year combine these popular elements with affordable prices and high-quality raw materials, making it a hot-selling item in the store.

Men's shorts trends at Fashion Week

This year's Fashion Week showcased a variety of men's short styles, from high-street brands to high-end designers, each showing unique design concepts and trends. At Fashion Week, we saw:

· Bold patterns and colors: Some designers launched bold prints and bright colors, adding vitality and visual impact to the summer.

· Sustainability and functionality: More and more brands focus on sustainable development and technological innovation, launching shorts styles with high breathability and quick drying functions.

· The influence of sports style: Sports elements continue to influence the design of men's shorts, including the use of performance fabrics, side stripes, zipper pockets, and other details, which increase comfort and practicality.

· Innovation of high-end designers: Some high-end brands have launched men's shorts that are both artistic and fashionable, such as complex tailoring, exquisite details, and high-quality fabrics, showing luxury and quality.


Shorts recommendation for LEEHANTON stores

As a representative of LEEHANTON stores, we are proud to recommend our cargo shorts series.


These shorts not only focus on comfort and durability but also incorporate popular design elements such as practical pocket design, solid sewing technology, and versatile style selection.

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Men's shorts fashion in 2024 is known for its diversity and practicality. Whether you prefer classic styles or trendy designs, you can find the shorts style that suits you best this year.

Choose LEEHANTON to make your summer wear more fashionable and comfortable.


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